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Social Vice President


What Friends character are you most like?


What is your major and year?

I’m a psychology major and this is my senior year.

Why did you decide to apply for this position?

I just thought it would be a good experience. I wanted to do something new and out of my comfort zone.

What is the event that you are the most excited about planning?

Banquet. I’m really excited for that.

How are you going to get your events to appeal to the commuter students?

In order to get more commuter students involved, I plan on having more on campus events. I plan on changing the event times to allow all students to attend. As a commuter I always went home after class so if we can keep students on campus a little longer though food incentives then they will in turn be more connected with their La Sierra family. Which in turn will motivate then to be more involved on campus and they will invite their friends to more events.