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Executive Vice President



What Friends character are you most like?

I’d say I’m similar to Chandler.  I’m pretty goofy and quirky, and can be sarcastic. But we’re both smart folks

What is your major and year?

I’m a double major in Biomedical Sciences and Neurosience, and I’m a senior.

As EVP you are in charge of Senate, what is the role of Senate?

Out of each of the branches of SALSU, Senate is really the VOICE of the student body. We’re responsible for hearing what the students want for their campus, and doing the legwork to make it happen.

How do you plan on getting students to run and make a change on campus?

I said in my election speech that when you’re passionate about something, things happen. So for students to create change here at La Sierra, it’s my job to stir up that passion inside of them, and show them how powerful they can be. In the words of Kim Canine, Senate is a Beast. My job is to help them bring the animal out. Haha.

Why is it important for the students to get involved in a student development aspect?

It’s important for them to get involved in a student development aspect, because first of all, getting involved helps you feel connected to the campus, and makes you feel like it’s a place you belong. And doing the actual work to improve “Your Place”, will only help you love it more. If you love it, you’ll inspire others to join, and even more growth and change can occur.