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CABL Director



What Friends character are you most like?

Probably Monica-just not as OCD and a clean freak :)

What is your major and year?

Psychology; Senior

How does your major fit in with your role in SALSU, or does it? 

 It definitely fits because psychology can be applied to many areas of life. Healthy mind, healthy body!

What does CABL even stand for?

Collegiate Advocates For Better Living

What CABL event are you most excited about?

I am excited for the Fitcamp and our first Color Run.

With so many things in college demanding for our time how do you fit and keep up workouts? 

I think that you can do anything if you make it a priority. Nothing, or anyone for that matter can stop you from accomplishing your goals if you are determined to do them.  Likewise, if you make time to workout, you’ll get it done.