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Public Relations Director



What Friends character are you most like? 

I never watched Friends! So I don’t know.

What is your major and year?

I’m Business Management and this is my Junior year.

Do you want to pursue a career in Public Relations after you graduate?

Not directly, I want to go into Hospitality Management but I’m sure I will either have a PR director or use some of the skills I have learn and will learn over this year.

What made you interested in this position?

PR was really lacking last year and I saw how it affected the events and the turnout of students. I saw a problem and wanted to fix it.

It’s hard to connect with students on a largely commuter campus. How do you plan to bridge the gap?

Getting the news out quick and often. I want every student to have a chance to hear about our events from every possible outlet. Be it a poster, video, or instagram.