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Religious Vice President



What Friends character are you most like? 

I think Monica.

What is your major and year?

Bio-health, Pre-dent. Graduating Senior!!!!

Pre-dent is definitely in a different direction than the position you hold: what drew you to this position?

Well my ultimate goal is to be a missionary dentist and I think it’s vital to constantly be interacting with people of all backgrounds while keeping Jesus into the equation.

What else do you plan besides Rendezvous?

My main focus this year is prayer and service. with that, I have some upcoming prayer and service projects for la sierra to engage in.

Worships are mandatory for dorm students. How are you going to make them something that students want to go to and not just forced to be at?

I think an important element to worships are the speakers. For a few of the Rendezvous worships, I have student speakers. Student speakers will be great because they can bring students to come and support their friends and hopefully enjoying it enough to come back again and again.

How do you keep a strong relationship with God while trying to balance school, SALSU, and just college life?

Definitively having daily devotionals. there’s nothing better than starting your day off with Jesus :]