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Project: Syria



Since the war began in 2011, more than 100,000 Syrians have been killed, according to the United Nations. Bashar al-Assad has ruled Syria as president since July 2000. His father, Hafez al-Assad, ruled Syria from 1970-2000. The ongoing violence against civilians has been condemned by theArab League, the European Union, the United States, and other countries.

There are over 4 million Syrian refugees in surrounding countries. The UN is in charge of the refugee camps that house hundreds of thousands of refuges but they’re not safe at all. The cause is to focus on the refugees. The project is actually focusing on specific families that La Sierra visited in Jordan. The money pays for food (the UN only gives each person $36 per month), clothing, shelter, education, and other necessities such as blankets and heaters in the winter. They have all left Syria and all that they had back at home. Many of them left with only the clothes on their back. I couldn’t believe these were actually real stories. Basically, we want to help them get back on their feet and start over. Many families have many kids to take care of and  we just want to help sustain them. As for the history, Syria has been going through a civil war for the past couple years and things are just getting worse and worse. It’s time to do something.

I want people to get involved with this project because what I saw there, what they had left behind and what they were living without, no one should have to do that. So I started this project because I wanted to not only raise money but raise awareness. So give what you can but also please, tell people and get them involved. The Syrian crisis is in the top 3 humanitarian needs right now and we can do something about it.

-Caitlin Cuenca, SALSU Religious VP