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Kevin Alexander


What Friends character are you most like?

Well according to the quiz that I just took, I guess I’m Phoebe lol. I think I’m most like her in the sense that she’s simplistic & a fun person to be around, but like Ross, I do have a lot of deep thoughts and like meaningful conversation.

What is your major and year?

Music Tech & Management and this is my third year.

The role of secretary is often overlooked. How do you plan on being part of the team?

True. The secretarial role is one that requires me to be available to my teammates not only in the office, but during events that may also take place off campus.

How will you affect the students in your SALSU position?
One thing that I want students to know is that they should feel free to reach out to me and voice their concerns. All of us at SALSU care deeply about our student body, & I want them to feel as though I am just as available to them as I am to my teammates.